Nazi UFO Conspiracy – Full Documentaries

Historians and other experts research whether many of the UFO sightings after World War II can possibly be connected to Top Secret flying saucer technologies that the Nazis may have attempted to develop prior to their defeat.

It has long been suspected that Nazi leaders had more than a passing interesting in the occult and UFOs. UFO investigators now believe there was a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the Third Reich. Could the technology that grew into our modern day space program have been passed to the Germans by aliens, as some believe, and then confiscated by the U.S. government after the end of World War II? Now, our team will travel to Germany and Poland to investigate bizarre alien links that go back hundreds of years.

nazi ufo reverse engineering Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi UFO Reverse Engineering Flying Saucer

Nazi UFO Horton Flying Wing Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi UFO Horton H 229 Flying Wing

nazi hitler ufo stealth bomber Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Hitler UFO Nazi Stealth Bomber

usaf flying disc Nazi UFO Conspiracy

USAF Flying Disc UFO

nazi ufo conspiracy discovery Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi UFO Conspiracy Discovery Channel

nazi ufo conspiracy aero car Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi UFO Conspiracy AeroCar Flying Saucer

nazi ufo horton wing Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Nazi UFO Flying Wing Horton H229


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