The Anunnaki (also known as: AnunnaAnunnakuAnanaki) are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian Gods.

Channeled information from Bashar on Human DNA


Channeled Information from Bashar on Ancient ET Visitation




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  1. 29 July 11, 3:15pm

    Hi I’m PAUL from PERTH AUSTRALIA I would like you to take a look at my proof from in my home .I have been hearing these for 15 years now, I only started videoing them around 2 years. I have heaps of paranormal proof from in my home .I have 3 videos that I would like you to look at ,You will be amazed once you have finished watching these & more if you wish from in my Home. The first 1 is at around 5.30 in the morning. The 2 one is of My son & I .I was being tormented by them so I turned my camera on as you will see .There is 3 face figures in this 1 .It does look like a couple of beings whether from this planet who only knows , Then finely the 3 is when I had a investigator over. At the start you will see a beings realizing by the chair .Then further into the video you will see something come thru 1 wall & thru the other .It is amazing how quickly this OBJECT TRAVELS .i DO HAVE A LOT MORE PROOF ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL WHERE I HAVE CONTROLLED THEM .PLEASE ENJOY MY VIDEOS FROM IN MY HOME…PLEASE LET THE WORLD NO THANKING YOU

    • 29 July 11, 11:58pm

      @ paul – I saw your videos on youtube, those are amazing! You are manifesting them within your consciousness and are therefore connected to the energy in some way. I would try envision light around yourself and in your house and put out the intention that they are no longer welcome there if they are torturing you. Also are you around any kind of fault line? Those beings exist in a kind of electromagnetic energy and around fault lines electromagnetic energy creates a zone of spacetime that is more resonate to their vibrational frequency and so they manifest in that area of electromagnetic spacetime more easily.

  2. david the great
    22 August 11, 11:29pm

    damn thats a lot of photos and there is more annunaki in the ancient alien section you should put all those ones in this gallery too cause they are hard to find in your other gallery, theres too many to look through. also i dont get the point of all the jesus ones? whats a merkabah supposed to be how is that a ufo?

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